Essential Wig Install Tools

Essential Wig Install Tools

Essential tools and products for a snatched wig installation   

What is a wig installation?

 A wig installation is a process done on one's braided natural hair typically in cornrows. An application of a bit of adhesive glue around the hair's perimeter (without getting it into any of your own hair); and then putting the wig on and in place by bonding it to the glue and securing it with wig clips.

How long do wig installs last?

When properly laid and taken care of, a wig installation will last you approximately 1 to 6 days. After that time, you will have to remove your wig and re-install it from scratch.

It is undeniable that frontals are the latest trend and at we don’t want you to miss this one. We have listed a few items you will need for that sleek laid or curly installation.

Lace Glue

You will need good glue that will not damage your natural hair, glues that are made specifically for wig installation such as Got2B and Ghost Bond are effective and will help keep your wig in place. Glues add an extra holding effect to the wig's edges, specifically the front ones, which, in most circumstances, determine whether people can if they are wearing a wig or not. Apply the glue to the front section in a uniform layer, then adjust the frontal portion of the wig so that it covers and sticks to the laced mask.

Fine tooth comb

This tool will make your life as well as the installation process so much easier that once you have one you won’t be able to live without it. Apart from just combing hair, there are many other applications for this tool.

It is perfect for:

1. Opening the part line where you want it to be using the handle.

2. Sticking the lace to your hairline also using the handle.

3. Preventing you from burning your fingers/hands when you are flat ironing your hair.

Silk scarf/hairband

Once you are done applying the glue and placing the lace on your hairline, you must hold it down with the help of a hair band or silk scarf. It is important to apply some pressure around your hairline, so the lace is flat and camouflaged.

Lace Wig cap

A wig cap is a small mesh cap that is worn underneath your wig. It adds a protective barrier between your natural hair and the wig (this process also reduces itching on your natural hair) and keeps your natural hair in place so the wig doesn’t show any bumps after installation. Furthermore, a wig cap helps flatten your hair so that your wig fits evenly. It is advisable that you get yourself a wig cap that matches your skin tone or tint the wig cap with powder or foundation to match the colour of your scalp for the greatest results.

Hot Comb

This tool is also beneficial as it will help you to flatten the hair on the top of the wig and open up the part line with perfection. Hot combs can be used to straighten any part of the wig, as well as shape a section of the wig temporarily. As a result, heated combs are commonly used in the styling and restyling of wigs, as well as before cutting the mask. They're not only useful for tidying and flattening your hair and the wig throughout the installation process, but they're also essential for wig upkeep. As a result, hot combs are a definite must-have for that perfect installation.

It is crucial to go for excellent quality tools to help you achieve your most stylish look and snatched lace, visit our website and socials for more tips on how to take care of your hair.

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